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Travel industry

Hotel gains significant advantages from Softweg’s call accounting solution

Ireland has long been a welcome host to tourists and business travellers from all over the globe. Our hotels meet the highest standards in the world and continue to develop their offering in order to attract new guests and keep regular clients. Read the case below and find out how Softweg overhauled the telephone system of one service provider in the hospitality business. And see how the solution has resulted in a far more streamlined experience for the hotel and its guests.


Our client is a midsized hotel located in one of Ireland’s premium tourist regions. With 50 x guest rooms and several apartments, they provide a personal, high quality service to visitors from all over Ireland and abroad too.


The hotel’s existing telephone system developed over time and was both inefficient to run and inaccurate. The hotel received a report from the call charging system every night detailing the charges for each room. The receptionist then needs to manually add the charges to the bill of the individual guest. Sometimes the nightly report is not correct and doesn’t include all charges. The hotel only receives a full list of charges from the telephone provider once a month, and usually the invoiced amounts and the bill of the provider does not match. The existing system was unsupported and had no capacity to integrate with any hotel management software available. It was clear that a fully functioning call accounting solution was required. Softweg’s AccPlus was selected after an in-depth tendering process.


After an initial assessment of the client needs, we took specific steps to implement a complete solution. First of all, we installed AccPlus Buffer on our client’s premises. We then integrated AccPlus Buffer with the local PBX system. To enable optimum security, we set up AccPlus Cloud and secure VPN connection with local AccPlus Buffer. And finally, we added a customised integration module for the hotel’s management system.


The installed solution has resulted in a far more streamlined experience for the hotel and its guests. Telephone charges for every guest’s invoice are now added automatically. And for our client, they get no more surprises anymore when they receive their own phone bill. With everything managed from the Cloud, AccPlus Buffer interfaces with the hotel management software and also the telephone system. Overall, a first-class solution from one of Ireland’s true telecoms and call accounting specialists.