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Public Sector

Delivering real benefits to Public Sector bodies

If you manage IT or Telecoms in the public sector, you’ll know that you face a number of challenges daily that simply do not exist in other areas. To help you get the best from your telecoms function, we have developed specific solutions that can be customised to deal with telecoms issues in your sector. From ongoing pressure to reduce costs to the need to keep on top of all incoming and outgoing traffic as well as having to optimise network performance, we understand the challenges you face every day and believe we have the knowledge and experience to help.

In terms of incoming call traffic

And specifically in terms of incoming call traffic, our solutions can help you identify incoming call statistics for any public body or offices. It can be useful to establish if calls are being lost and why, or how long it takes certain lines to be answered in a call centre-style environment.

Overall statistics for call volumes

are also very useful. If you know what the top numbers dialled are, or the top incoming numbers, you may be able to make allowances or changes on the network internally. Similarly, if you know which calls are costing the most or which departments are running up the highest bills, this will also help you come budget time to visualise and track spending. Our solutions can provide you with this level of insight.

paying telephone numbers or premium numbers

Large organisations are still prone to being hit by staff making calls to fee-paying telephone numbers or premium numbers. As these calls are most likely not going to be work-related and also cost a significant amount, it is worthwhile to track their use and ensure it’s not a scenario that is spiralling out of control. AccPlus from Softweg enables you to find unusual calls and numbers and find out who is making those calls and how often.

Customised alerts

Through customised alerts, you can be made aware of special incoming numbers or you may need to track numbers across departments. Combining our solutions and experience, we can work with you to resolve issues just like this and give you a greater level of control over your incoming and outgoing call traffic.

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