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Making your call data work as hard as you do

By accessing the data on your systems telephone network, you can avail of an extra level of insight, enabling you to potentially reduce costs and add value to your business or organisation. ACCplus is a call accounting system which captures, records and rates telephone usage data on your network.

On the alert

using ACCplus, it is possible to set alerts to cover practically every telecoms scenario. For example, if a long-distance call lasting over 30 minutes was made from the reception area after 5.30pm, you would receive an email detailing the specifics of that event.

Robust reporting

if telephone correspondence plays a major role in your business, like a call-centre or service department, you can use ACCplus to monitor staff performance and ensure agent targets and call-answer ratios are being met.

Confident Decisions

you can be assured that all data captured is secure and stable. And the accuracy of your data ensures you can make decisions confidently and efficiently.

AccPlus can do so much for businesses and organisations of every type. Choose your sector below and see what it can do for you.
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