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Getting tangible results for businesses of all sizes and industries

From the need to control costs to using technology to add value to your business, the right telecoms software can do so much for any company in any sector. Our ability to tailor our platforms to serve your specific business needs ensures that no matter what your call accounting or fault management requirements, you can count on Softweg to provide proven insight and experience.

Easily generate reports

With Softweg’s products, you can easily generate reports detailing various aspects of performance, cost control, resource utilization, fraud detection and more. This level of control means you can simply see only what you need to.

Customised dashboards

By displaying customised dashboards on serve boards and at points of administration, you can monitor the service levels and performance of the system.

Detect system abuse and detect fraud

Our platforms can detect system abuse and detect fraud, ensuring you are aware of any such activity within your network.

You can set alerts that will inform you

If you work in a call centre or contact centre environment, now you can set alerts that will inform you when call volumes have increased or decreased, both incoming and outgoing.

Find the best ISP option

Customised solutions from Softweg will also allow you to compare different providers and find the best ISP option for your business or organisation.

Assess your call data

And in a business world leveraging the power of Big Data, you can assess your call data to find out where callers are calling from and what times they are calling at. For example, if you ran a nationwide marketing campaign, this level of insight will inform you of advertising effectiveness levels.

Ability to monitor campaigns

An ability to monitor campaigns, like marketing campaigns, new product launches and more, means you have a new level of marketing intelligence that can be applied to future campaigns and concepts. In fact, using our solution, it is even possible to manage and link calls to specific campaigns being run.

Integration with other applications

Integration is not a problem with Softweg solutions and if required, depending on legacy platforms, you should be able to integrate with your own CRM, customised sales system or SharePoint.

Management Reports

Generate Management reports easily and keep those at the top informed of telecoms network activity as required. It’s easy to integrate a number of reports into one large single report and send on an automated basis at specific intervals.

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